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Therapeutic Massage Services

45, 60, 75, 90 or 105 Minute Sessions

Aroma Therapeutic Massage

If you’re looking for ultimate in relaxation and stress relief, this is the massage for you. Experience long flowing moves with just the right amount of pressure and focus on those trouble spots. Essential oils are incorporated for even deeper relaxation and therapeutic effect. High quality, chemical free, massage oil and lotion leaves your skin soft and hydrated. Don’t miss this mini vacation away from stress and tension.


Deep Tissue / Trigger Point

Deep Tissue massage does NOT need to be PAINFUL! I customize these sessions to your comfort level. Deep Tissue combined with trigger point is great for pain relief. It releases muscle tension, breaks up adhesions and increases circulation and flexibility. It can speed healing and increase range of motion to injured areas. Deep tissue can help to prepare one for an athletic event and for a faster recovery after. It’s also great for softening up those everyday stiff muscles and tight spots.


Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy and motherhood is time of many physical changes. Massage can help make this exciting life transition happen with comfort and ease. They are also great before delivery to help relax you into new territory, great after delivery to relieve new moms’ aches and provide deep rest.

*Prenatal massage is safe for anyone experiencing a non-complicated pregnancy. If you are not sure, please check with your doctor before booking. Your wellness and safety are my priority.


Light Touch Energy Session

This session focuses on clearing the bodies energy channels and chakras. A light touch is used for a transformative and relaxing “Hands on Healing” as taught at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Clients report feeling they were in a lucid dream state and feel deeply rested after a session.


Stretch and Compress Session

Passive stretching can be the key to releasing inflexible connective tissue and lengthening shortened muscles. Compression brings blood flow and flexibility to stiff joints. These sessions re-educate held areas, getting them moving again. It is also deeply relaxing. We work with breath alongside movement for awareness and letting go. Great for, but not limited to; increasing athletic performance, relief of physical trauma, asthma (increased lung capacity, more flexibility in the rib area) and relief of discomfort of fibromyalgia.


What to expect:

Your massage is done on a comfortable, padded, heated table with soft flannel sheets and a cozy blanket. Most people undress completely, while some leave some clothing on such as underwear. Your privacy is always respected and you will be covered with clean sheets and a blanket, leaving only the part of the body that is receiving the work uncovered.

I use an unscented high quality massage cream blended with oils and extracts that are beneficial to circulation, skin tone and absorbs well without a greasy after feel.

Massage has been found to improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It can reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains – even anxiety and depression.

This is your time to relax and escape and come away feeling better than ever!

Healing for the Heart and Soul

90 Minute Sessions


Integrative Somatic Bodywork

Somatic Bodywork Sessions provide relief from emotional, mental and physical symptoms of stress and holding, brought on by many of life’s difficult or even traumatic experiences. 90 minutes in length these sessions take place in comfort and confidentiality. The sessions follow the flow of the inner world and outer expression of the client and are designed to meet the needs of the individual.

During a session a person will find that compassion, conscious breathing and therapeutic touch help to unwind the habitual patterns deeply rooted in the nervous system, muscles and cells of the body. This unwinding creates an opportunity to experience new ways of being. The nervous system can relax and let go while the mind takes on a fresh perspective. It is here that healing and integration begins.

Integrative Breathwork

IBW is a simple yet powerful technique that brings you into the core of your unconscious emotional, psychic and spiritual rhythms. Integrative Breathwork utilizes the healing power of your own breath to mobilize and clear blocked emotional and mental energies. We become free of the patterns of the past, bringing our feelings, attention and understanding into the present. The healing we experience through Breathwork enables us to walk in our lives with Peace, Joy, Vitality and Connection.

Energy-body Reading & Hands-on Healing

Re-align your energy, come back to balance! We begin the session sitting together with a brief check in and meditation. As we check in, I will tune into your subtle energetic field, looking for places where you are open to spiritual communication (reading) and ready for change or healing. After the brief meditation (to help quiet your field) and communication, I will have you lie on the massage table for the Hands on Healing. Clients report an experience of immediate subtle shifts with long term results.

60, 75 or 90 Minutes

Light Touch Energy Session

This session focuses on clearing the bodies energy channels and chakras. A light touch is used for a transformative and relaxing “Hands on Healing” as taught at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Clients report feeling they were in a lucid dream state and feel deeply rested after a session.

45, 60, 75 or 90 Minutes

Energy Body Reading & Spiritual Communication

What is our spiritual purpose? What are we creating in life? We each emanate an energetic field which shows information about what is happening for us as spirit. Receive in depth communication on what is happening for you. Discover your spiritual path and gain clarity for life’s big questions. Find out more about where you been and where you’re going in this fun, informative session.

45, 60 or 90 Minutes

Yoga and Meditation

Join me Thursday mornings from 8:45-9:45 at Ananda Yoga of Scotts Valley. Enjoy a well balanced practice of Sun Salutations and Meditation. Strengthen your existing practice or learn the basics. This class can be experienced on many levels. Embody new ways of thinking and moving. Deepen your awareness of movement of energy in the body as your move through the asanas and affirmations. This class is a blend of mindfulness techniques and traditional Ananda style “Yoga for Higher Consciousness”.

Integrative Wellness Services

Somatic Emotional Wellness Classes



Meditation for Stress Management
Breathwork Group Process (small group)
Personal Cleanse Plan
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